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Deduplix™ - Intelligently Identifies Unique Relationships

DeDuplix: Data De-duplication (Identifying unique relationships and Unique house-holds)

DeDuplix™ is a product for automating the process of identifying similar or near similar records of individuals and house-holds. DeDuplix™ helps identify the complete list of truly unique customer relationships you have and to obtain a single window view of the entire relationship while saving time and money in all future marketing activities. DeDuplix™ uses both phonetic and fuzzy logic and is a part of the DataFix™ family of products. DeDuplix™ works with a majority of the platforms and with a variety of database structures. DeDuplix™ enables comparison of a database against itself or against an external database.

DeDuplix™ Feature:
  • Enables comparison of a database against itself or against another external database
  • Allows users to define matching levels- aggressive or passive
  • Allows users to specify a range of rules for matching
  • Can use any number of attributes for matching
  • Enables mapping of data from any structure
  • Capable of handling two addresses for record matched e.g. mailing and permanent address
  • Handles wrong spellings
  • Legacy and Incremental Matching available
  • Provides unique IDs for Individuals, Households and Corporates
  • Scalable
  • High throughput
Platforms supported:    : Windows NT, LINUX, UNIX          


Databases supported: : SQL Server, Oracle, DB2

 For further support feel free to mail at HelpDesk@sbsworld.com