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Data Quality Consultancy


When data is captured for operational / legacy systems from input forms, quite often it is not in a usable format for any off-line usage and analysis. This is largely due to inadequate care taken in designing the manual forms and the actual data entry quality. Since these errors hardly affect the operational systems, many times the data remains in its original form for years. This problem becomes more serious when the data from two or more operational systems is brought together for different kinds of analyses. Analysis using such erroneous data can deliver seriously flawed conclusions. The bad quality of Data is both a function of poor form-design as well as erroneous data-entry. The data-entry depends both upon the efficiency of the data-entry operator as well as the flow and design of the data-entry screens and the on-screen validation logic.

In order to have improved data-quality at source, an understanding of the information needs coupled with improved form design and system design is necessary. Spectrum has offered consultancy in this area to various organizations. Our strength comes from approaching this area from a customer perspective rather than a systems or software perspective. Spectrum consultants have several years' experience in Data Quality Assurance, Data-Base Management and Direct Marketing.

The consultancy assignment can cover one or all of the following services:

  • Study of data-capture processes across each department and each system
  • Study of flow of data-capture from the customer till the point it resides on the system
  • Study of data-capture needs of the organization
  • Study of systems used to capture data - ease of entry, speed (including redundancy and/or repetition) of entry and accuracy of data-entry
  • Recommendation of design and development of systems to improve the quality of data capture throughout the organization
  • Recommendation of work processes to inculcate awareness and improvement in data-capture quality within the organization.
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