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Profilix™ - Divines Patterns in your data

Many times, business use hunches or intuition to make important business decisions, such as what products to sell to what customers. By using current and historical data PROFILIX™ can build predictive models that work as tools for business decisions.
Profiling customers and/or prospects will provide the means of identifying and understanding different groups of consumers or businesses, with a view to increasing understanding for market characteristics and behaviour. Examples of this would include lifestyle, geo-demographic, psycho-graphic profiling and mapping.

By combining a variety of data elements, relationships between these variables can be analyzed to determine how "predictive" they are. PROFILIX™ can help you discover subtle clues that link one variable to another.

Profilix™ can provide answers to questions like
1.Who are my customers?
2. What is the relationship between usage and gender, usage and geography etc. ?
3. Who among my customer base are the most likely prospects over the next few months ?
4. Where should I use deepening strategy and where should I cross-sell?

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