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Scrubbix™ - Intelligent Data-cleansing tool

Scrubbix™ uses intelligent tools to Format, Standardise and Enrich Data. Scrubbix™

  • works with databases stored in different formats and across multiple systems
  • Cleanses, standardizes and enhances data
  • Works with standard names and addresses as well as non-customer record data - age, vehicle model, product code etc.
  • Enhances de-duplication and house-holding efficiency

The output of Cleansed, Standardized and enhanced Data is exported to DeDuplix™ as input for the process of De-duping and House-holding. It has been observed that Scrubbing through usage of Scrubbix™ the data increases the De-Duplication percentage by as much as 40 %.

Features of Scrubbix™:
  • Formats, cleanses, validates, populates and consolidates data from any source and structure
  • Ability to handle very large throughput - 0.5 mn+ records/mnth with one team
  • Enhances the accuracy and quality of any customer record with respect to names, addresses and other geographic, psychographics and demographic information
  • Output can be exported to any RDBMS/destination format
  • Business Rule driven
  • Discovers Hidden Patterns in Data
  • Extracts embedded information and identifies and tags the information appropriately
  • Parses Names, Splits multiple names stored in fields, identifies and extracts embedded elements, handles attribute overload
  • Parses address into its elements
  • Removes noise in names and addresses
  • Standardizes Address contents
  • Validates Pin/Zip Codes
  • Normalizes non-name, non-address information
  • Accesses Inbuilt database of over 1 mn. dictionary entries and several meta-data tables
  • Uses Business Rules to handle both general and client-specific needs
  • Enriches data based on Rules
  • Provides Exception reports and coding of invalid entries
  • Has a robust validation methodology
  • Manual expertise provided in addition to automation for handling data not amenable to rules and for validation
 For further support feel free to mail at HelpDesk@sbsworld.com